Welcome to Real Farm Foods! We are a family-owned, sustainable farm raising animals that are truly grass-fed, free range, cage-free...naturally. We use no chemical fertilizers, no dangerous pesticides, no added growth hormones, no harmful antibiotics, no GMO's. We have a God-given responsibility to ourselves and others to raise premium foods top in quality and taste, naturally. Eat Real. Live Real. Get Real.

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We raise happy and healthy animals without the use of chemicals and medications. Our Black Angus Beef, Katahdin Sheep, and Jersey Dairy Cows are NEVER fed grains. Our LaMancha Dairy Goats browse naturally and are given a small amount of whole oats in the barn. Our Pastured Poultry, including Cornish X Chicken and White Broad Breasted Turkeys, and our Whey & Acorn Fed Pastured Pork are supplemented with only non-GMO organic grains.

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